A loss of beauty: Texas considers whether the cosmetology program is worth the trouble

According to The Texas Tribune, the Texas Education Agency is considering eliminating over 200 cosmetology programs.

The reason for this?

The TEA came to the conclusion that cosmetology, along with other career and technical education (CTE) programs, do not meet new baselines set by the Human Services advisory committee. If the decision goes through, then Mike Morath, the Texas Education Commissioner, will make the final call in early 2019.

The program has been said to give new opportunities for students who have no idea what they’d want to do in the future.  

“Even if you don’t know if you like it, you still have so many things to choose from to see if you like it or not, and it’s a lot of good money,” junior Brittnee Bustillos said. “It’s something to start off with, especially to get through college.”

Many students struggle to get the $400 for the high school cosmetology program, but would much rather choose the ATC program than pay the annual tuition of about $13,618 at a beauty school, according to the Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy.

“This is hundreds and hundreds of dollars cheaper than college, and you get more supplies, and you’re literally taught the same thing that you’ll be taught in college,”  junior Alia Fetterolf said.

Junior Jasmine Wilson showed her concern with the unsafe practices at many beauty salons, such as uncertified and inexperienced hairstylists, dark and moldy bathrooms, and poor air quality, to name a few.  

“This program shows us what to and what not to do so that we stay clean and don’t use illegal tools like a lot of these salons do nowadays,” she said. “Without this program, beauty salons and their customers won’t be safe.”

For the time being, the cosmetology program is going strong, continuing to teach its students the safety regulation standards for a welcome salon they may one day come to own.