Library genrefies fiction section

There is a new trend in libraries around the country of genrefying the fiction section. Genrefication is the act of arranging books by genres such as dystopian, supernatural, romance, and more. Over the summer, the Jackie McCormick Library was genrefied by journalism teacher Mr. Ryan Feuerhelm and librarians Mrs. Susan Garvin and Mrs. Eydie Schneider.

“It’s quite a big process,” Mrs. Garvin said. “We did it in June primarily, and he [Feuerhelm] really did most of the work.”

      The process of genrefication is a long one. Librarians must first determine a book’s genre, then sticker it and add it to the database before finally placing it on shelves.

       Some students mentioned that with the library now seperated by genre, it is easier to pick out a book for book reports.

“It’s like a grocery store,” sophomore Anjela Tucker said. “It’s easier for people to pick out what they like. If they find something that they like, they can find more books, and people enjoy reading again.’’

Mrs. Garvin said she believes the genrefication will help generate more readers because it’s easier for people to find the kind of books they like, and will also help with the exploration of other genres.

“Most people, adults, kids, everybody, like to read a certain type of book; they usually have a favorite,” Mrs. Garvin said. “If we organize them by those types of books, they have a much easier time finding a book that they really want to read. And, if they find one book, they can find another.”  

Mrs. Garvin hopes to see a trend of increased circulation appear in the Jackie McCormick Library.

Tucker credits the decline of reading actual books to electronic readers like the Kindle.

“The youth is going to be the future,” Tucker said. “If we can get more youth to read books, we need to do whatever we can to get their attention.”