Freshman football crushes the competition

Courtney Pedigo
The freshman blue team on their Aug, 17 game,

The Freshman Red and Blue football teams crushed the competition with both finishing as district champions.

Red “had a really good season,” according to their coach, Janson Head.

“[The team] finished seven wins, zero losses, one tie,” Coach Head said.

The Blue team did even better this season and “went 10-0, undefeated,” Coach Jordan Bull said.

Perhaps one of the most eventful games was when the Red team went up against the Panthers.

“We beat Colleyville Heritage two to nothing,” Coach Jeff Gott said. “That is the lowest possible score you can have in a victory.” Even more impressive is the fact that the game took place “in a driving rainstorm,” Coach Gott added.

In response to this year’s season, freshman Red running back Kenyan Eldridge said his favorite part of the season was “winning the ‘championship.’”

Freshman Blue kicker Clayton Roblyer also said that his favorite part of the season was “winning all the games.”

Both Roblyer and Eldridge said that they’ll play football again next year.

“It’ll be fun,” Roblyer said. Both players also hope to improve their skills. Eldridge said that he wants to “get faster and stronger” for next year.

In the end, both teams became district champions.

“[The team] did really good, got better as the year went on, played really good defense, executed on offense and did a great job,” Coach Gott said. “A lot of kids got better and played a lot of football.”