JV football teams crowned District Champions

The JV Red football team plowed through all competition and pulled through the season as district champs.

With a 7-0 sweep, Red had a victorious season.

“At first I was really unsure because Red didn’t do so well last year,” Red’s Colin Stewart said. “With our new coaches, Cobb and Loki, we did really good. They’re really good guys and coached us well enough for us to win every game.”

JV Blue had a longer season but also came through as district champs with a 9-1 season.

Grapevine High School was the only team that could beat them by three points.

“It was honestly a pretty good season, but it really sucked when we lost to Grapevine,” Blue’s Isai Bernardino said. “It brought our morale down, but our defense was really good the whole season.”