Varsity volleyball wraps up season

The varsity volleyball team finished their season with a 3-9 district record. Many of these games were close losses, such as the Braswell rivalry game.     

“We were in a position to win,” Coach Andrea Hervey said. “We just didn’t seize initiative where we should have, so our record doesn’t really reflect how good we did this season. A lot of the games we lost were close, we just didn’t seize the chance.”

When it came to the rivalry game against Braswell, the varsity team pulled ahead in a near 3-2 win.

“It was good,” senior Nicole Schroeder, a member of the team said. “It was our senior night, and we won against them. That was probably the best game we played all year; it was fun.”

After a few losses, the coaches had to change tactics to keep the team together.

“We changed a lot, and we struggled a lot with losing games we shouldn’t have lost all through the season,” Hervey said. “We tried new things, did new things. We had to keep the girls encouraged.”

Schroeder said although this season wasn’t as good as her freshman and sophomore years on the team, she still wants to play after high school. She wants to improve on her work ethic and drive.

Before the seniors depart for their college careers, Coach Hervey had a few words to say.

“We’re gonna miss them. They provided a lot and spent four years through the program,” Hervey said. “I’m glad I got to teach them. I wish their season would have gone better for them than it did.”

Because most of the team is made up of seniors, a large portion of next year’s members will be new to the varsity team. The coaches will be busy improving their new team and preparing for a more hopeful season, later this year.