How to End Your Trilogy, in a good way

Student reviews ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’

Being the third How to Train Your Dragon movie, The Hidden World serves as a fantastic final display of who its characters are, dragons and humans alike. It sends off Hiccup, Toothless and his crew of dragon trainers with such compassion that isn’t seen in enough of today’s movies.

This movie starts with action as you would expect from a movie involving dragons, and is riddled with it throughout, but the best part, as it has been with the last two movies, is it’s heart. It’s filled with so many little lines and efficient bonding moments between these characters and wonderfully illustrates the heartbreaking reality of growing up. The movies shows how sometimes two people are so close to each other and want to stay close and live their lives how they always have, but also are being pulled toward other things that are just begging them to change their routine and allow space for different, newer things. Sometimes people need to grow apart, even if things were never unhealthy or bad in the first place. Everyone always needs something more grown up at some point.

The Hidden World has vivid, fiery imagery and smooth, updated animation. This final movie feels more colorful than the last two, especially when they’re in the hidden world; it’s pure neon. The nordic, wooden scenery of their viking world is still very present, but welcomes lots of new elements and destinations. To support this beautiful vision, this movie has a wonderful viking-like score. It’s like most big, epic-type movie scores, but with a great norse twist. The production team mixed everything together pretty much perfectly, including the crisp sounds of action and mellow voices of the characters.

This is a magnificent conclusion to a knockout trilogy. It brings these characters to the final stages of their growth, that being in both personality and ability. It sets these vikings up against their biggest challenge: growing up. Unapologetically heartfelt, action-packed and hilarious, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a movie that everyone deserves to see and learn from, regardless of their age. It’s a movie worthy of a 5 star rating.