Alita: Battle Angel has nerves of steel

I’ve never been a fan of sci-fi movies and have no love for the cyberpunk world. I’ve had minimal contact with the Star Wars saga, though I know a ton of facts, thanks to my cousin, and have had even less involvement in the Star Trek series. Overall, if it involves too much technology or machines that don’t exist yet, I’m not going to enjoy it. However,Alita: Battle Angel might have changed that for me.

The movie starts with the 20th Century Fox logo changing into a 27th Century Fox logo, in order to introduce us to the time period. The story takes place 300 years after a war between Mars and Earth that caused all the sky cities except Zalem to fall. The remaining survivors on Earth form a city underneath Zalem and call it Iron City.

Iron City is filled with cyborg people with very few inhabitants being completely human. Doctor Ido works as a cyber physician, and one day as he is scavenging in the scrap yard, he finds half of the body of a cyborg girl. He takes the body back to his clinic and repairs her. When the cyborg girl wakes up in her new body, she has no memory of her life before, and doesn’t even remember her name. Because of this, Doctor Ido names her Alita, and allows her to stay with him and teaches her about society.

She starts to recover some of her memories and with the help of a boy called Hugo, learns how to play the sport Motorball, where contestants compete on roller skates to land the ball in a goal. However, as she learns more about the world, she begins to suspect the people around her.

Alita: Battle Angel is a cinematic masterpiece. All the shots are clear, vibrant and visually brilliant. The colors seem to blend together to form gorgeous scenery and stunning backgrounds. Every scene is written in an almost perfect way that is sure to grip the viewer and take them along on a fast-paced ride. The story moves very fast, but everything flows smoothly and beautifully comes together.

The fight scenes, especially, are stunning. Each one has its own element that takes your breath away. My favorite fight scene, actually my favorite scene overall, is the fight in the bar that leads underground. Alita proves in that scene that she can kick butt and is much stronger than anyone previously thought. The dialogue is by far the best part though, specifically between Alita and fellow cyborg Zapan, who take turns riffing at each other. The whole scene including the fight with Grewishka, her long time enemy, is a spectacle and brought me to chills!

This movie is an absolute paragon. It is in my all time top three movies. Alita: Battle Angel is visually breathtaking and is accompanied with exhilarating dialogue and symbolism. This movie is worth every single penny, and in my opinion, is almost cinematically unparalleled. I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. I give this movie 100/5 stars.