Teachers with degree in Theatre teach other subjects



There are many great teachers here who have degrees in theatre, but teach other subjects. English teacher Reina Johnson, for example, teaches senior English IV, but has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater.

“I got a theater scholarship and that’s what I pursued,” Johnson said. “ I had a choice between tennis and theater as far as scholarships went and my junior year I had to make a choice or I wasn’t going to get either, so I chose theater.”

Johnson previously taught theater at many places such as Georgetown High School and Rogers Middle School. Johnson said “burn out’ led to her quitting her teaching theater.

“As a theater teacher, there’s a lot, a lot, of extra hours and time,” Johnson said. “When I left, I had a six and nine year old. Now, I have a nine and twelve year old, but it’s really hard with little kids to be away that much when they need their mommy.”

Although never teaching it, U.S. and World History teacher Adam Miller also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in heater.

“I like the storytelling of [history] which is what I think I like about theater,” Miller said. “[History]’s one big long story of humankind.”

Having a degree in theater helps Miller teach History.

“I see a play as another theater aspect of you telling a story as ‘hey these are the things that happened and these are the reasons why they happened, and these are how people reacted to these events’,” Miller said. “That’s very much what history is; just a much longer play.”