King of the Hill

Senior wins Mr. All American

Thursday March 28, marked this year’s annual Mr. All-American charity event. Seniors Marcus Hendricks, Don Lucas, Ian Henigan, Cino Sanchez, Fernando Sanchez, Carter Poeschl, Zini De Leon, Marcel King, Nick Hendrix and Mareck Remington dressed in everything from suits to swimwear to show off their pageant skills and raise money.

Junior Liam Daly said he was voting for Luke Hill to win the competition.

“His energy is unlike any of the other contestants,” Daly said. “He’s very bright and fun and energetic.” That energy is what boosted him to win.

During the talent portion of the show, Hill embodied the very meaning of fun. He slam dunked on a basketball hoop, laughed, and his infectious happiness washed over the crowd. Hill’s “dunk show’’ was also his favorite part of the event. During the swimwear portion of the show, Hill walked out in in a 20’s esque one-piece coupled with a fake mustache. He wowed people with his superior strength while lifting weights.

In a moment of pure humility, Hill said he was cheering for Henigan to win.

“That guy knows how to work the stage,” Hill said. “Everything about [Henigan’s performance] was flawless. He should’ve won.”

Henigan chose to put on a magic show with a deck of cards and jacks that was interesting and clever. The audience was enthralled by the way he seamlessly executed the trick. Even though there were problems with the microphone, Henigan persevered.

After a brief interview with contestants, the judges deliberated and chose Luke Hill as the winner.

“It feels good to win,” Hill said.“But, winning really isn’t part of it.”