Underclassmen girls basketball concludes season with intention to improve

The girls on the JV basketball team performed acceptably this season, both overall and in the district play. The team’s win-loss record was 12-11 overall and 9-3 in district.

Sophomore Kenzie Eaglin is proud of her team, but admits that with more discipline, they could have earned more victories.

“We started goofing off in practice, and we weren’t taking it as seriously,” she said. “That [attitude] really showed in our games.”

Eaglin also said she believes that if she and her teammates hadn’t let their early victories get to their heads, they might’ve advanced further.

“At first we were kicking everybody’s tail, but then we kind of got a big head,” she said. “Then, we started losing.”

The freshman Lady Raiders were not as successful as the JV girls. Though the team finished adequately in district, tying 6-6, they finished the season with an unfavorable overall win-loss record of 8-14.

Coach Brown weighed in on the topic.

“I think that the the freshman girls need to continue working on shooting and game play situations,” she said. “They would benefit from getting shots off at a quicker pace.”

Coach Brown also said that the game will significantly speed up next year for the current freshman girls, and that summer conditioning will be a huge factor in improving the team’s performance.