Varsity girls soccer makes playoffs, loses first game 3-1

Varsity girls made the most of their performance on the field and advanced to the first round of playoffs against Colleyville Heritage. Losing 3-1, they ended their season with a WLT record of 11-6-2.

According to captain Kendall Dowling, one reason for their success this year was the defense, which made the 5A rankings.

“We’ve had a small amount of goals scored against us,” Dowling said. “When we were playing the 6A teams in the pre-season, we were able to stay in the game.”

However, luck isn’t a factor in any of their wins. With everyday practices lasting until 5:30 p.m., the varsity team focuses on hardwork and improving newer skills.

“[The practices are] super competitive,” Dowling said. “We’ll work on the things we need to work on. We try new forms out and practice different formations, and we’ll work on offense and defense drills.”

Despite the record to confirm their capability, Dowling noted one thing the team could practice is performing strong until the very end of the game.

“We have the skill, and we have the players, but in the final third we just lose steam,” Dowling said. “We could be winning some of these games 5-0 instead of 1-0 if we just take advantage of those opportunities.”

In spite of the loss, the girls are pushing themselves to play at their fullest potential in preparation for next year’s season.