Varsity boys soccer’s rebuilding season

Boys varsity soccer experienced a rebuilding season in which the team did not advance to playoffs. With a win loss tie record of 3-14-4, the boys had a weak start, a period of victory, then another series of losses to conclude their season; however, the team discovered exactly what skills need work in order to heighten their future success.

According to senior Darren Lefever, the coaches noticed the individual players had great skills, yet the team’s performance in games did not reflect it.

Their solution? Teamwork.

“When we watched the films [of us playing], we all noticed plays that were good but could be better with the team working together,” Lefever said.

With this new realization, practices began focusing on team play in addition to other skills they normally work on; consisting of conditioning, drills, and actual playing, the early morning workouts turned their gears toward coordination between players.

“Near the end of the season we started to play as a team, and we started to improve,” Lefever said. “We stopped being individuals and started playing as a team.”

Since many of the players are headed for graduation, there’s a lot of anticipation about how the future varsity team will play; Lefever expressed confidence that the remaining players are good at what they do and will lead the team to the playoffs.