JV girls soccer’s improvement despite difficult season

JV girls had a difficult run, ending their overall season 6-9-4. The hard work they put in led to improvement from last year’s performances, and Coach Robert Lamon commented on the extent of their skills’ development.

“The girls worked really hard and gained a lot more experience in the last two years, especially the sophomores,” Lamon said. “That enabled them to compete more, even up against some really good teams.”

The girls got some good practice in against difficult 6A teams, such as Guyer and Flower Mound. They also happened to play hometown rivals DHS in three different games, one of which being Lamon’s season favorite.

“The third DHS game. They’ve had our number for the last two years, and we almost beat them but ended tying,” Lamon said. “It was actually kind of a victory because of how the girls played.”