JV boys soccer season wrap-ups: blue and red teams


JV blue quickly became the leader between the two JV teams, finishing off their season with a 11-2-6 win loss tie record. Their performance throughout the season led to them earning the title “JV district champions”, an excellent feat considering how new the team is.

“They really stuck up this year,” Coach Raiford Malone said. “Each player stepped up and played real well.”

According to Malone, some of the players performed so well in the JV league that they got to move up to varsity.

The JV district champs made their coaches proud this year; hopefully they will keep it up for the seasons to come.


The JV red team had big shoes to fill with JV blue’s record. With an overall win loss tie record of 2-6-3, the JV red team experienced a rebuilding season, as quoted by Coach Raiford Malone.

“They definitely improved from the beginning of the season,” Malone said. “It’s just a building period to get those guys ready to be playing in the future.”

As for what can be done about improving their future performance, it’s all about personal goals and skills.

“We need to focus on their individual practice and skills,” Malone said.

As the players get more experience under their belts, their upcoming seasons may take a turn for the better.