‘An Ode’; K-pop’s Seventeen releases third studio album

An Ode; K-pops Seventeen releases third studio album

K-pop group Seventeen released the first track, Hit, for their new album on August 5 in the form of a music video. This is very common in the Korean music industry, and allows for better advertisement in order to get people interested about the rest of the album. On August 11, they released the dance practice for Hit. Their fans, referred to as Carats, enjoy being able to learn the choreography of songs that have dances and post dance covers on social media. Seventeen have expressed in many interviews, as well as on V Lives, that they enjoy watching these covers and are really impressed that they are able to learn the choreography so quickly.


Seventeen released their third album ‘An Ode’s promotion schedule on September 2, and released the entire album on September 16. The concept photos were released everyday from September 3 to September 8, each day being a different concept. The ‘Poet’ version has a soft, sophisticated feel to it, capturing their delicate side. The ‘Hope’ version has a more playful feel, and with the use of brighter colors, conveyed a youthful atmosphere. The ‘Truth’ has two versions and is similar to the ‘Poet’, but shows a mature, almost longing vibe. The ‘Real’ also has two versions and shows the members with a very bold, powerful look. 


The track list was released on September 8, and the songs included are Hit, 거짓말을 해 (Lie Again), 독 (Fear), Let Me Hear You Say, 247, Second Life, Network Love, Back It Up, Lucky, Snap Shoot, and Happy Ending the Korean version. As for the album in its entirety, is incredible. The songs are very catchy, each obtaining its own vibe. The lyrics are very inspiring and are capable of making you think about what the songs mean for yourself. 


Seventeen never fails to produce incredible music, and it’s even more impressive because Seventeen is a self produced group. Woozi creates the music with the help of common producers they’ve worked with throughout the years, with the most well known being Bumzu. Woozi lets the hip hop unit, Vernon, Mingyu, S.Coups, Wonwoo, write their own raps and incorporate what fits into their songs. The Vocal unit, Woozi, Joshua, Seungkwan, Jeonghan, D.K., help out with lyrics. The Performance unit, Jun, The8, Hoshi, Dino, who are in charge of dancing, help the choreographer come up with new moves, if not a whole choreography. 


Everything is up for interpretation when it comes to music, but these songs will definitely give you a good impression and could possibly make you a fan of Seventeen.