Raider Review

2018-2019 Staff

Lydia Salgado


INFJ- I started early in the newspaper business as a sophomore, so I’ve been the editor for two years now. I’m currently working really hard (really, really hard) to be the 2019 valedictorian—we’...

Emma Campbell

Staff Member

INFP- My name is Emma, I’m a senior, and I like writing. I’m a libra, I’m allergic to cats, and I hate coffee, chocolate, and bananas. I believe that pineapple should go on pizza, that aliens are ...

Isabel Balabuch

Staff Member

ENFP- I am a senior this year. Once upon a time, I broke my back, so now I have the spine of an 89-year-old man who watches the Price is Right every afternoon while drinking soup out of a mug. I enjoy carrots, John...

Amy Martinez

Staff Member

ENTP- My name is Amy, I’m a senior, and this is my second year in Newspaper. When I was in 5th grade, I ran into a brick wall and had to go to the hospital; the messages I received started my need for...

Dillon Laney

Staff Member

ENFP- This is the only picture ever captured of me, and it was only taken because of how excited and blindsided I was that I just got the Dark Knight trilogy on Blu-ray. I haven’t slept or been excited a...

Ethan Bowen

Staff Member

INFP- As a youngin’, at the ripe age of eight, I had a copy of the Lego Star Wars X-Box 360 disc stuck in my face, so I now have a big ole’ scar under my right eyebrow. I’m a master procrastinat...

Lizzy Maldonado

Staff Member

ESTJ- My name is Lizzy and this will be my first year in newspaper. I don’t have many friends but I love the few ones that I do have, even the broke one who asks to get wings when we order pizza. Du...

Ashly Morales

Staff Member

INFP- I love listening to other people’s problems, and they apparently love coming to me with their never-ending issues. Huge social events make me anxious, and I tend to hide amongst the crowd so th...

Aaliyah Mayes

Staff Member

ENTP- I am an enthusiastic person who is ready to get along with everyone! English and German are huge passions of mine because they are so easy to me. You can catch me at every varsity game running t...

Izabella Grimaldo

Staff Member

INFJ- I don’t like huge social events unless I know more than 10 people there. I don’t like addressing huge groups, but many teachers have told me that I move an audience when I make speeches. I’d pre...

Maggie Smith

Staff Member

INFJ- I’m a senior involved in creative clubs and activities like Newspaper, Yearbook, Literary Criticism, and the Literary Magazine. I love writing, reading, and photography and want to be a movie director...

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